Price increase: highest sales indicator in last 10 years

As we all know many companies are forced to work remotely. As a matter of fact, not only companies – there are a huge number of students who are studying online. Computer sales has shown new sale heights. According to, prices for PC’s and tablets has risen, additionally, the Government has purchased 6000 computers (in Latvia). There is a solution for this. Our company is an official representative of AVTECH company and we are offering a subscription service for our customers. This is a fantastic opportunity as for companies, as for students. Subscription service starts from 3 months and is available for 36 months, during this time the client uses subscribed computer as much they need. There are students who have chosen to use our service only for the time they are studying. Everybody wins. Our company is always looking for new Partners into the market. We are open to collaborate and if you believe your company could become our next partner, feel READ MORE